I lost track of wordpress, but I’m back!  I’m working as an ESL teacher in Japan and it’s going pretty well, but learning how to teach languages has been an interesting journey so far. So, it’s become pretty clear that there is a lack of consolidated one-on-one ESL teaching resources.  As a primarily one-on-one ESL teacher, […]

My boyfriend and I got three baby rats to keep us company; bippity, boppity, and bu. They’re quite cuddly.

If you stare at this screen reallly closely, it’s just like taking a bath, lit with melting, scented candles; and topped with bubbles.

Working now as a Legal Assistant in NYC means lots less free time, so utilizing meager time management skills (of which I am mostly bereft) has become very key. To this end, I’ve been incredibly stressed out lately because my time off, especially given the holiday season, has been filled with many hectic activities with […]

So I downloaded GIMP because I was tired of my plain old recycling bin icon on my computer desktop and I googled different icons to personalize it and found someone had made a SG themed recycling icon and suddenly a whole world of creative possibilities arose. And now, because I’m just playing around, I’m going […]

“But the shadow settled on them, obliquely, and was shuffled off only when Danielle rose to put on music, a Spanish soprano singing Cantaloube, her pure, agonized strains floating, their minor harmonies wavering in the small room, as if to remind them both that beauty and loss were inseparably entwined.” (410) Reading The Emperor’s Children felt […]

***** Spring Break Well, since writing the entry “travel bug” I began to make my dream of traveling soon a reality. I worked full-time over Christmas Break and begged for only money for Christmas gifts. My best friend and I booked the plane tickets to Zurich in February and we began to plan for our trip. I […]